What I offer is a deck of skills you can access that look at behaviour and specifically any that might be holding the team back.



However, you can’t THINK yourself out of a situation as it is old thinking with an old index of habits.  So you have to behave yourself into a new habit, which is my specialism.

The key thing I train when working with senior managers is the art of staying awake, ie are you really present to the impact of what your actions are having on an organisation but also do you really understand and serve the needs of your managers and employees around you.

My one to one coaching can be done over phone/ Skype / face to face and with an initial meeting to build rapport, I am happy to tailor to the individual needs of director, manager and team.

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”The major challenge of most executives is not understanding the practice of leadership – it is practicing their understanding of leadership.”
– Marshall Goldsmith, Top 50 Management Thinkers, New York Times Best Seller

As a leader you will be aware that the most important skill to harness when developing teams is that of trust – living integrity and delivering on what you say..

Coaching & mentoring will re-presence that for you, and examine how you are role-modelling your behaviours as a leader, and see that your authenticity is continually being communicated through your actions and business processes. When a leader provides a safe environment, teams feel they can be creative and begin to take more “risks”. This will produce a far more “stretched” team with unimaginable results, as your leadership will provide constant reassurance that teams can aspire to greatness, and anything is possible as long as you are taking actions, being responsible and learning from your results.

Please email rachael@mypocketcoach.co.uk to ask any questions you may have about one to one coaching and training programmes.