”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou, Screen Writer, Author and Civil Rights Activist

”I have no special talent I am only passionately curious.”
– Albert Einstein.

As a company prioritising talent development you want to be able to understand your high performing executives’ needs and just how you can meet these through your leadership. Coaching identifies any gaps in communication and refocuses leadership on asking powerful questions and powerfully listening to responses. Other tools include neuro-scientific assessment, mindset training and transformative conversations to challenge behaviour and build more resilience in your growing talented workforce. 

Constant trends in employee disengagement range from managing time, to issues with working in teams, through to work overload, general overwhelm, stress and lack of work life balance. Coaching will allow you as the talented individual to do a values alignment exercise which gives you as the internal stakeholder a huge freedom in choosing your role with new insight and understanding to how your purpose & values are being met and then are connecting you to the wider company culture.

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Executive Employee Engagement & Talent Development Coaching for the Cambridgeshire Area

You will know as an accomplished executive and leader that this complex skill of engaging another person in the action of something you ultimately have a responsibility for is perhaps the hardest to acquire and least understood of all human skills. For this is the one which you have the greatest to lose if it fails, yet to achieve success you have to be completely unattached to the result of the actions being taken. In other words leading people through force and control will have the least rewards for manager and employees; yet understanding how to communicate and provide support will change with each person depending on their personality type, perspectives and value’s system.

To get the best results for you and your employees, you have to create 100% ownership of everyone’s failures and 0% ownership of all successes achieved throughout the company.
As your coach I will encourage the continuation of all of these attributes that can be learnt or enhanced, and support of understanding your employees can be achieved through values elicitation, listening, questioning, mindset training and the use of neuroscientific tools to understand behaviour, increase team alignment and improve employee engagement.

Ultimately when you are this accountable for company engagement you create a team who not only are related to their work as if it is their own personal performance, but you create individuals engaged in a company’s success.

The development of your talented team can be turbo charged by executive coaching from Rachael Orchard at MyPocketCoach. Contact her in Cambridgeshire today for an informal discussion about the business opportunities that lie ahead.