”The major challenge of most executives is not understanding the practice of leadership – it is practicing their understanding of leadership.”
– Marshall Goldsmith, Top 50 Management Thinkers, New York Times Best Seller

As a leader of a business you focus daily on providing stakeholders value. Whether they be on the company board, the business owners, internal executives or external clients, ultimately your business is in meeting measures. But more importantly than that it is your job to lead & inspire teams to do the same. Leadership coaching allows you to reconnect with your personal values and goals as a leader and how these are met directly through representing the business culture and empowering a team of employees with their own sets of values and goals. Coaching will allow you to understand where daily and weekly team KPI’s are not being met and whether this is because the measure is not relevant or there is a development issue within the teams. Coaching will also enhance your capabilities through looking at where we can bring more Integrity, Humility and Generosity to your leadership role.

With using a transformative approach to leadership, we will enquire together where your “knowing everything” is getting in the way of you leading at Level 5 leadership which is for the greater good rather than for your ego. This process of enquiry allows for a “break” in knowing and a new level of learning which will enhance your leadership skills.

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Executive and Business Leadership Coaching for the Cambridgeshire area

Finally as a leader you will be aware that the most important skill to harness when developing teams is that of trust from living integrity and delivering on what you say.. Our coaching & mentoring will re-presence that for you, and examine how you are role-modelling your teams and culture around your behaviours as a leader, and see that your authenticity is continually being communicated through your actions and business processes. When a leader provides a safe environment, teams feel they can be creative and begin to take more “risks”. This will produce a far more “stretched” team with unimaginable results, as your leadership will provide constant reassurance that teams can aspire to greatness, and anything is possible as long as you are taking actions, being responsible and learning from your results.

The performance of your leaders can be revolutionised by executive coaching & mentoring from Rachael Orchard at MyPocketCoach. Contact her in Cambridgeshire today for an informal discussion about the business opportunities that lie ahead.