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How Superhero’s Access their Latent Energy

Now recently as a Superhero’s coach and single parent (AND fiercely independent), the temptation on school holidays to get distracted and even a bit low in energy with all the extra things going on is a constant. However, what I’ve learnt over the last few years allows me to continue working and not beating myself […]

6 Discoveries for Lifelong Brain POTENTIAL

More from Dr Sandra Chapman of “Make Your Brain Smarter,” for you all.. It is as essential to monitor our brain health as it is our physical health.  Yet the physical fitness industry is booming and very few are aware that the brain should regularly be given a workout also.  This is because it was […]

Energy = Profit.. Simples!

I attended a seminar yesterday by english Neuroscientist Prof Paul Brown who is a Consultant Neuroscientist and Change Management specialist.  Prof Brown has an excellent way of communicating and linking the value of understanding our “control centre” (the brain) to how it plays out in the organisational realm. He states that for the latter part […]