I thoroughly enjoyed talking to this exciting Canadian Top 50 accountant, whose mantra is… be willing to take risks and learn from your failures!  Very thought provoking, and so worth all of us knowing… even Multi-millionaires still don’t do their accounting and taxes properly – 13minutes

Here’s the Top 5 Ways Andrew Wall, WallCPA builds value with his Clients:

1/ Accountancy technology has the ability to transform businesses – Andrew lists some examples – 14.45mins

2/ Pictures are the best form of document management now – receipts will fade and you will be held accountable if you’re having an audit – 16.10mins

3/ We’re trained to be conservative, especially in the accountancy industry, however, Andrew is willing to take risks in business specifically with new technology – 18min

4/ Challenges are actually an opportunity to build new processes to add value to the business – 24.10mins

5/ Take advantage of the value added by an informal board of advisers ( especially outside of your niche) for any small business is crucial – 26.30mins

All of the above along with Andrew’s general recommendation to continue to grow yourself daily, and also reiterating to use Social Media to grow your business

Thanks Andrew, great to meet you!